What Should I Know In Order To Write An Essay?

First and foremost, before you begin crafting catchy and resourceful essays, there are things you need to know. Essay writing seems like an overwhelming task to many students for no good reason. Besides the obvious things like taking care of spelling and grammar mistakes, there is more than that especially when it comes to writing a college level essay which is more advanced. And the experts at MyCustomEssay.com have some recommendations concerning the things you may need to observe.

  1. Choose the correct language
  2. Your choice of language in the essay is an indicator of your ability to research, prove your points vividly and clearly. Additionally, it is an indicator of your language proficiency, understanding of grammar as well as syntax and the extent of your vocabulary. Always apply the appropriate academic language and academic styles, these are the two main things that matter in language. Avoid use of negative statements and ensure that all your statements make sense and relate to the stated thesis.

  3. Simple sentences are best
  4. Many students fail for thinking that complicated sentences indicate an elaborate style of writing. Instead, they make your essay boring and difficult to comprehend. A good essay should comprise of simple structures of sentences, not a series of compound sentences. Complicated sentences show your inability to communicate in a simple manner and makes it so difficult for everyone.

  5. Use an advanced set of vocabularies
  6. Clearly, essay writing should not only depict your understanding of the topic but also show your grammar and language expertise. At least there should be an indication that your grammar has progressed from high school to college level. This means that you should replace the simple words with more appropriate and advanced synonyms reflecting the same meaning.

  7. Use the correct tense
  8. Effective essay writing should be accompanied by a good understanding of the tenses. When it comes to writing essays related to literary works, always use past-tense, otherwise known as historical or narrative present. This tense makes the story line a lot captivating, real and engaging. It increases the present feeling to the reader.

  9. Understand the topic
  10. Perhaps the main reason why students score dismally in essay writing is due to the failure to comprehend the topic. Clearly, it is really hard for anyone to write about something they don't understand. For this reason, always take your time to get a deep understanding of the topic before you can start to write about it.

I believe the above tips will greatly help you to elevate your essay writing skills. Finally, do a lot of practice on essay writing so as to perfect your skills.

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