Essay Proofreading: Foolproof Advice To Help You Get An A+

When you have finally completed what you believe to be your final draft, it is imperative to spend a little more time proofreading your assignment to ensure you have found and corrected the smallest errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The difference this makes might not seem that important to you, but to an instructor who has to read your work, errors can be extremely distracting and can be the reason why you don’t receive as high a grade as you thought you deserved. Your best strategy is to hire a pro essay writing service to look over your final draft, but you can prepare your work ahead of time by doing some proofreading of your own. Here is some sage advice from the professionals:

Tip #1) Get some rest before you start proofreading.

Even professional writers, editors, educators, etc. make mistakes when they write. And when they have to read page after page without any rest, it becomes easy to miss mistakes. You can’t rely on your instructor’s energy-level to get by with a few mistakes, and you can be sure there will be plenty scattered throughout your paper. So be sure you get some rest so that you can tackle work with a fresh mindset and eyes.

Tip #2) Don’t rely on reading the screen. Print out your work.

As you write your paper you probably find yourself straining your eyes and rubbing them for comfort. Proofreading on the screen is difficult to do accurately. Print out your work (double spaced) so that you can easily read sentences without the computer screen’s glare staring back at you.

Tip #3) Read your work aloud and take note of hesitations.

A notable Canada essay writing service recommends you read your work aloud when you proofread and that you take note of every instance when you hesitate because of a clunky sentence construction or misplaced word. You will be amazed at how effective this little strategy can be at finding phrases that read well on the page, but sound bad when read aloud.

Tip #4) Use a red marker or pen. Be your toughest critic.

One of the best tips we’ve heard from professional writers and editors is to use a red pen or marker when making corrections to your work. There is one reason that educators prefer red when making corrections to your work: it brings attention to your glaring mistake and reminds you of what it is you need to fix. Doing the same, while being your toughest critic, will ensure you improve your writing.

Tip #5) Proofread grammar, spelling and punctuation separately.

Finally, when you are proofreading your work for grammar, spelling and punctuation, make sure you do each one separately. It’s easy to try to lump these together after having spent so much time and energy researching and writing each of the prior drafts. But doing each separately increases the effectiveness of the entire process of proofreading. Go for the A+ and don’t settle.

This advice can certainly help you take your assignment to the next level, but you’re still advised to consider an economic essay writing service for some reliable professional help. Start with a simple keyword search and narrow your focus on the companies that have a good online reputation. Essay editing service reviews are great ways of determining which ones provide great service and products for prices that won’t break your bank.

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